The Impact of your Donation

For research, humanizing care and upgrading of high-tech equipment.

Every donation to the CHUS Foundation, regardless of amount, makes a real difference in the life of the people of Estrie, from birth to end of life. Specifically, all of the donations have a significant impact for you, your family, and your social circle.

The CHUS Foundation supports medical research through the Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CRCHUS). Supporting research not only helps advance medical practices, but also allows us to offer certain treatments or care to local patients more quickly.

Through the CRCHUS — a world-class research and innovation centre — the Foundation is able to support projects that have a real impact for the benefit of the Eastern Townships population. Medical innovation allows for better treatment for patients and attracts talented professionals to the Eastern Townships


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Fonds Cœur en tête

The CHUS neuro-oncology laboratory is one of the few in the country to offer new treatment approaches for this type of cancer, which is why it is so important to maintain these activities. As this type of cancer is considered an orphan disease, funding remains difficult to obtain, which is why we need your help to pursue our mission of enabling more and more patients to glimpse hope after a brain cancer diagnosis.

Thanks to research, the CHUS neuro-oncology laboratory is one of the only ones in the country to offer new treatment approaches for this type of cancer.

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Human health research

Three generations of men (a child, an adult and an elderly person) walk along a path

Health issues related to the male sexual sphere have long been taboo, and even today, many men delay consultation when dealing with conditions afflicting them. Currently in Quebec, there are no centres dedicated to research on testicular cancer, which has no apparent symptoms and most often affects men with a healthy lifestyle and a high socio-economic profile.

It is nonetheless the most common cancer among men aged 15 to 35. Every year, a few dozen cases are recorded and treated in Estrie, and the numbers continue to increase.

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CHUS Foundation contributes to the upgrading of high-tech equipment in each of the departments and services ofHôpital Fleurimont andHôtel-Dieu de Sherbrooke.

This equipment is a true innovation in the medical field. It allows for better and less invasive treatment of patients, and for faster treatment of a greater number of patients.

Technological Advances

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Integrated high-tech operating room

Photo of a modern operating theatre

An assessment of future needs indicates that the demand for surgery in our region is expected to increase at a rate of 2.3% per year. The addition of a new operating room at CHUS Fleurimont is a priority.

An integrated, high-tech operating theatre will be able to offer more laparoscopic surgery in a wide range of specialties, a less invasive technique that also means shorter recovery times for the patient.

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Humanizing care is an integral part of the mission of the CHUS Foundation. This focus is defined simply: Develop a compassionate environment conducive to healing.

The objective is to provide care and services with a caring outlook, responding to the needs of users and respecting their values and rights. This caring, human-centred approach is based on the quality of communication between the care provider and the person receiving care. 

The focus is on the person, their health, their condition and their recovery or end-of-life process, not just their illness. The care team is sensitive to the suffering, concerns, questions and meaning that the person gives to their situation.

Humanizing Care

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Fonds d'aide urgence gériatrique

Older hand holding another hand

Every week, seniors come to the emergency department with basic needs that cannot be met by themselves or those around them. Fonds d'aide urgence gériatrique was created thanks to the financial contribution of the Savoie family - Les Résidences Soleil, and aims to provide concrete help to these seniors to improve their comfort and safety during their stay in the emergency department.

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At the CHUS Foundation, we will be pleased to support you in your thinking and to work with your financial or legal advisor to help you establish the form of donation that best suits your philanthropic objectives, while taking into account your personal and financial situation.

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