February 13, 2024

News from Mathilde


A year ago, we met Josée, Mathilde's mother, who suffers from epilepsy and is receiving treatments here in Sherbrooke. On this International Epilepsy Day, we asked Josée for news about her daughter.

Josée and Mathilde during a visit to the CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS.
Josée and her daughter Mathilde in 2023 during a visit to the CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS

“Mathilde's epilepsy is quite stable. However, this disease comes with its share of challenges when one enters school. Medication, which must be adjusted according to weight, requires careful monitoring of growth spurts. We also discovered that Mathilde probably has a learning disability. We are currently investigating whether it is induced by epilepsy, medication or if it is in addition to his primary condition.”, Josée, her mother, explains to us.

Mathilde thrives on a daily basis in activities. Here she is getting her blue belt in karate before the holidays.

Mathilde and her parents can also count on the involvement and help of the school team as her current medication seems to be working well, but in particular it makes Mathilde more tired and she has to take naps at dinner time, if she wants to be in good shape in the afternoon. In addition, Dr. David Dufresne, her neurologist, provides personalized follow-up while ensuring that Mathilde has all the necessary evaluations as well as the care and services to allow her to thrive despite her condition and the repercussions in her life.


“Otherwise, Mathilde loves dance, plastic arts and inventing stories. It is not always easy, especially for parents... we know in advance that Mathilde's path will be different from that of the majority of children and sometimes the realization and the mourning can be quite violent... but our daughter, like many sick children, is a warrior. So, we trust him while trying to make his way easier with the resources and tools we find. For the rest, we try not to anticipate too much, to celebrate every small victory and to trust life! But despite all these challenges, my gumball is still a cheerful and sneering 6-year-old girl.”


Rediscover the story of Mathilde and the storms in her head in this video.

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Zachary, patient at the CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS


July 2, 2024
50 years of care at the CHUS, 50 years of stories | Zachary

A particular case of blastomycosis detected quickly thanks to the expertise developed at the CHUS.

Gino, patient at the CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS


June 8, 2024
50 years of care at the CHUS, 50 years of history | Gino

For them it was an ordinary procedure, for me it was a return to life!

Dr. Alex Carignan at the launch of the Research Chair on Lyme Disease and Emerging Infections


May 7, 2024
A new research chair to understand, diagnose and treat Lyme disease and other emerging infections

Lyme disease has increased significantly in Canada over the last decade. Did you know that approximately 60% of Lyme disease cases reported in Quebec are here, in Estrie?

Mosaic of patients who have been treated in Sherbrooke.


May 2, 2024
50 years of care at the CHUS, 50 years of stories

For 50 years, the CHUS has been striving for excellence in care and medical research. Its health care staff contributes to the transformation of lives here in Estrie.

Recipients of the 2024 Gala reconnaissance


April 18, 2024
An emotional evening to celebrate our volunteers!

The CHUS Foundation highlighted the involvement of its many volunteers by offering them an evening rich in emotions during its Gala reconnaissance, which was held this Thursday, in this volunteer action week.

Normand Therriault, instigator of the Fondation du CHUS


April 2, 2024
"I'm glad I came up with the idea! - Normand Therriault, founder of the CHUS Foundation

Nearly 50 years ago, the idea of creating a foundation to help his hospital arose in Normand Therriault's head. So, director of technical services at the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS).

Papillon Fondation du CHUS et Santé des femmes


March 8, 2024
A new fund to invest in women's health!

The issues surrounding women's health are multiple and the field of research still remains a great area to be explored further.

Employees and employees of the CHUS Foundation on the phone during Thanksgiving Day.


January 11, 2024
A thousand thanks

The hearts of all employees of the CHUS Foundation were overflowing with gratitude last Thursday as we celebrated the global day of the word “thank you”.

Presentation of the new positron emission tomographs (PET-CT) at the CRCHUS


November 2, 2023
New devices that make a big difference for patients!

The acquisition of three new positron emission tomographs (PET-CT) allowed for more clinical examinations in the last year and advanced research on type 2 diabetes.

Impact report 2022—23


October 3, 2023
Together, we go further!

You give us wings to go further!

Laurie & Charlie
2023 annual campaign | CHUS Foundation


June 20 2023
We take great care of your health.

Do you know why we need you? To offer the best care to people here, close to home.

End of the major fundraising campaign of the CHUS Foundation - 2018-2022


May 3 2023
Major campaign by the CHUS Foundation | a record amount that will be reinvested in health

It is with great pride that the CHUS Foundation announces that it has raised a record amount of $48,617,950 during its major campaign, which began in 2018 and which just ended in March.

Photo boxers Laiterie Coaticook


23 novembre 2022
La Fondation du CHUS et la Laiterie de Coaticook s’unissent pour la santé

Une toute nouvelle campagne de financement au profit de la Fondation du CHUS vient de voir le jour grâce à la Laiterie de Coaticook!

Photo au Phoenix de Sherbrooke


27 novembre 2022
Succès pour le match de la Fondation du CHUS!

Le match de la Fondation du CHUS se termine particulièrement bien : une victoire du Phoenix et 6 590 $ pour les enfants traités en oncologie pédiatrique!

Pr Louis Gendron
Chaire de recherche sur le traitement de la douleur et sur la pharmacologie des opioïdes


7 novembre 2022
Nouvelle chaire de recherche hospitalo-universitaire en traitement de la douleur

Vers des traitements antidouleurs plus efficaces et sécuritaires que les opioïdes?

Isabelle, chef de service du bloc opératoire


June 28, 2022
The CHUS Foundation is asking donors to fund a new operating room

The CHUS Foundation is appealing to donors to finance a new integrated operating room, at the cutting edge of technology, at the Fleurimont Hospital of the CIUSSS de l'Estrie — CHUS.

CHUS Foundation logo


March 28, 2022
The Fondation du CHUS is modernizing its brand image

In March 2022, after 10 years of using the previous logo, the CHUS Foundation aunched a new brand image that is more current, more modern, more in line with its image.

Deux hommes qui se parlent en accrochant des lettres sur un bâtiment


April 5, 2022
The CHUS Foundation thinks big thanks to small donations

This week, the CHUS Foundation launched an advertising campaign to boost the last wave of its major 2018-2022 fundraising campaign.

Portrait des docteurs Dr Claudio Jeldres, urologue et responsable du projet et les chercheurs Martin Bisaillon et François-Michel Boisvert dans leur laboratoire.


February 1, 2022
The Foundation is funding a research project on bladder cancer

The CHUS Foundation announces the awarding of $470,000 for a research component on bladder cancer.

deux mains qui se tiennent


19 novembre 2022
10e édition d'Au coeur de la vie : plus de 5,5 millions de dollars amassés

Se tenait ce soir la 10e édition de l’émission annuelle Au cœur de la vie de la Fondation du CHUS, en collaboration avec Radio-Canada. Les dons amassés au cours de la soirée étaient le point culminant de la collecte annuelle, permettant d’atteindre la somme de 5 537 803 $.